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Traveling in Mexico: Two Special Treats For You in Oaxaca

The state of Oaxaca is the insect-eating capitol of Mexico. About 300
species of insects are considered “edible” and more than a dozen are
consumed regularly by the Indigenous population of this state. Mostly
you’ll be offered one of two types of insects in and around the market
area; “Chapulines” and Maguey worms, which are the same worms used to
“flavor” Mescal and Tequila.

Chapulines are reddish-colored roasted or fried jugo de maguey grasshoppers. Usually
three sizes are offered: Small – where they are so small in fact you can’t
even tell what they are. They simply look like a reddish powder of some
type. This might be the best way to start off if you’d like to try
them. “Free” samples are offered, typically by Indian girls or women, in
hopes you’ll like them and buy some. Medium – larger and recognizable if
you look at them closely. Frequently seasoned with lemon or lime juice and
placed in a plastic bag for you to carry and munch on at your
leisure. Large – nearly adult sized and definitely recognizable. Not for
the faint of heart! But at whatever size you choose, bite the bullet and
try them! They’re actually pretty tasty! (Honest !)

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