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The Great Babe Ruth – How Much is His Rookie Card Worth?

Babe Ruth is one of Baseballs greatest players to ever swing a bat, and his name is one that is recognized world over within the hallowed halls of sports history. He was not only a master of the game but was also a much beloved charismatic Babe168 celebrity during the roaring twenties amongst the fans of that decade. It was not unusual for Babe Ruth to be found surrounded by young and old a like, clamouring for one of his prized autographs. And The Bambino was not shy about handing them out or enjoying the attention that came with it.

Babe Ruth has been touted as the panicle individual to usher in the “live ball” era, able to dazzle the crowds with his big hits and racked up home runs that were unheard of previous to Ruth’s time. Not only did the “Babe” have a tremendous on field presence but his personal life was just as rich and interesting. The Babe was known for his game, his reckless lifestyle, and his emeses charitable nature. In 1927 Babe Ruth was the first player ever to hit 60 home runs in that season, which was an incredible feet for the game, and one that changed the face of baseball forever. Prior to this most baseball games were usually very low scoring speed driven games. Babe managed to push the boundaries and took the game to another level adding power hitting, and high scoring to the game all without sacrificing the speed or the Babe168 RTP athleticism that was already synonymous with baseball.

So then it is no great wonder why even in 2009 we sports fans, especially baseball fans still can’t get enough of the “Babe.” Whether it is autographed memorabilia or cards, Babe Ruth still ranks number one amongst most collectors. One of the most valuable Babe Ruth cards out there today has got to be his Rookie card. Rookie cards no matter if it was from years gone by or from present day players have a massive appeal to hobbyist. But a vintage rookie card like Babe Ruth’s seems to have been able to retain a certain appeal. The cost associated with most rookies cards can vary according to the player, his popularity, the rarity or the card, and of course the condition the card is in a the time of purchase. But you would be hard pressed to find a Babe Ruth card in today’s competitive sports collectibles market that wouldn’t run you straight into the poor house.

The very first baseball card to ever be produced of Babe Ruth at the age of 19 was first published in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1914. This card was taken along side many of Babe’s other team mates from the Baltimore Orioles. The cards featured a picture of a player on the front of the card and a team schedule on the back of the card. The cards were printed with both a blue ink boarder and a red ink boarder. The Orioles were part of the National League, and another team called the Terrapins were also photographed for cards, and they belonged to the Federal League. The scarcity of this card has driven the price of it sky high. I believe there may only be ten left in existence and if you are lucky enough to find one, the card can command as much as $200.000.00 easily, and that’s on the low end. The only other baseball card out there in today’s market that ranks higher than the Babe Ruth rookie card is the T206 Honus Wagner.

Due to the scarcity of “Babe’s” card they do not come up for sale too often. There have been some found listed in auctions over the last few years, and this is a general break down of what they went for and who sold them.

May 2009- $150,800.00 sold in poor condition, sold via Robert Edwards Auctions.
May 2008- $517,000.00 sold in very good condition, again by Robert Edwards Auctions.
April 2007- $200,000.00 sold through Robert Edwards Auctions, and it was previously
Owned by a casual collector who put it up for sale.

Babe Ruth will always be remembered as one of the greats, his accomplishments in baseball, and the effect his presence had on the game have managed to make baseball what it is today. I am a HUGE New York Yankees fan, and a memorabilia and card collector. It always gets me excited to think about the prospects of owning anything signed or game used by the “Babe. ” Babe Ruth was able to excite fans many years ago, and he still has that ability today, that is a testament too the type of player he was. Hopefully through collecting his memorabilia and baseball cards his legend will live on for generations to come, and enjoy.


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