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Shopping For a Real Estate Contract Online

If you are considering getting into any sort of real estate transaction, then you would know full well that you will need a property contract (the document) for ‘signing’ to validate the transaction in law.

In the traditional way of doing things, the way to get this real estate contract would have been to go to a lawyer’s office, explain the transaction to the lawyer, and then having him or her do a document for you. This way of getting the property contract done is still valid today. There are many people who retain the services of their attorneys to develop real estate contracts for them. There are many, especially in large cost property transactions, who have the attorney overseeing the transaction also make the real estate contract to underpin it, as part of that attorney’s brief.

Yet that is not the only way to get a property contract done.

Through the power of the technology, it is possible to get and purchase a ‘ready-made’ property contract from the Internet – at just a few dollars worth. There are a number of websites offering these ready-made property contracts. These are ‘blank contracts’ (of course) that are tailored for every imaginable scenario. This way, you just purchase the contract (typically downloadable in the portable document format (PDF)), print it out and then fill in the necessary details. You can then have the parties to the transaction sign it before witnesses, as required by the law, to validate the contract.

Shopping for a real estate contract over the Internet offers a number of advantages.

For one, these online contracts tend to be more comprehensive in their coverage of various issues than what an attorney would ordinarily come up with in the ‘pressure of the moment.’ In other words, the property contracts available over the Internet are a result of concentrated thinking, over a long period of time – rather than contracts just thought of and made in the contract Through the online real estate contracts, one gets a way to avoid the common scenarios where important details are omitted in developing the contract, only for those forgotten details to turn around to haunt the parties to the contract when a dispute arises out of it. Indeed, so great is the comprehensiveness of the real estate contracts available over the Internet that many lawyers are actually purchasing them, and using them as templates on which to build contracts for their clients.

Secondly, the online contracts are cheaper than briefing an attorney to make one for you. Most go for less than ten dollars, obviously a sum that no lawyer would work for. To be sure, the property contracts online may not obviate the need for a lawyers’ involvement in a real estate transaction. What they do, however, is to make the lawyer’s fee lower: seeing that the lawyer will only be briefed to oversee the legalities of the transaction -rather than having to do the paper work of the transaction as well. As it turns out, paperwork accounts for a significant portion of legal fees in property transactions. As such, in the ‘ready made’ real estate contracts downloadable from the Internet is the opportunity to save oneself considerable sums of money.

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