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Refreshing Your Bathroom

If the suite in your bathroom is still OK and is not broken or a horrible color, refreshing your bathroom may be easier than you thought. If your suite is neutral color then you will be able to create whatever ambiance you like with your bathroom. If your bathroom has all tiled walls or painted walls it is irrelevant, you can cheaply makeover your bathroom with ease.

What do you need to do to refresh your bathroom?

Step 1

Remove all of your old fixtures and fittings. Fill in the holes if they are not going back in the same place (this may be difficult if they are on a tiled surface – but not if you are changing the tiles)

Step 2

The key to a refreshed feeling bathroom is in the detail. Armaturen Find some silicon remove, to remove all the silicon going around your fitting.

Step 3

Paint any wall areas that you have with new bathroom specific paint. (It must be a bathroom or kitchen paint as these stand up to moisture very well.

Step 4

If you have tiled walls you have two options, one is significantly easier that the other. Option 1 is remove the old tiles, and replace with newer ones. Speaking from experience, this is not the quickest task to complete or the cheapest to replace. Option 2 is to get some tile paint. Most DIY stores will sell paint suitable for going over tiles. You can easily paint over your old tiles with any color you choose and then refresh the grout with a grout pen.

Step 5

Re-apply the silicon around your bathroom fittings.

Step 6

Fit new fixtures and fittings to your bathroom.

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