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Marketers Aim for a Globalized Digital Presence

In the digital world brands are able to connect with consumers and fans from all over the world with relative ease. The web and social networks in particular have brought brands and their fans from around the world, closer together. However, this has made it even more important for brands to cater to a wide variety of users by creating customized content and making sure that their entire fan base remains engaged.Can China Develop its Own Digital Infrastructure Without US Assistance?

Once your brand goes global there is little you can do to stop it. A global community of followers can be advantageous in terms of building your brand’s exposure and will undoubtedly help your brand’s revenues boom – especially if you offer ecommerce service with international shipping Digital Global Times. But, it can sometimes be difficult to connect with a varied audience – especially when language barriers create communication worries.

In order to overcome the problem of trying to connect with in international audience many brands are opting to maintain more than website and/or social media profiles. According to a study conducted by Limelight Networks 28% of respondents were currently managing six to 10 regional websites, while 32% managed even more. Many intended to add further regional sites as well as additional language support. But running these multiple platforms causes a strain on resources with the marketers surveyed all admitting that managing such a wide-ranging digital presence, as well as staffing and budgetary issues was a major concern. A B2B online digital marketplace connects buyers and sellers globally. It enables businesses to list products, and sell to an international customer base. It lets businesses of all sizes list their products and services for free. It is a platform that lets businesses create product pages, and uses its own channels to promote and market the products. It is a global platform that enables the buying and selling high quality products and services online.

Products listed can vary from categories such as clothing, retail, fashion, technology, business solutions, web-based and offline (location-based) services. To start selling online, businesses need to create a seller account, list products and create a catalog. The platform does not charge its users for registration. When customers visit product pages and make purchases, their payments show up on the seller’s dashboard, from where they can be withdrawn. Sellers get the ability to list any number of products for free and cataloging tools through the website dashboard.

Buyers can purchase a wide variety of products and services from the platform by creating an account. You will have access to original products listed by registered sellers within the network. Buyers can browse and find the products they want, and proceed to pay for it.

There are several payment options to choose from on the website. Once the order is placed, it will be processed and delivered to the customer’s location. Buyers can track orders through their website dashboard and cancel if they need to. Products and services from the website are protected by a money back guarantee. Buyers can get free shipping worldwide for all products purchased from the website. There are timely offers, discounts and promotions for buyers on this platform. By using the free promotion provided on this platform, sellers can reach out to maximum number of potential customers. Businesses also get access to analytical tools that give information about orders, customer histories, order locations and other statistics. Users can avail round the clock customer assistance regarding any issue with the use of the platform and its services, by phone or email.

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