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Make More Money by Increasing Follow Through

Are you a follow through kind of person? Or do you start a bunch of projects and ideas and complete none of them?

Small and solo business owners with 6-figure incomes have learned a secret— they make a lot more money by following through meticulously on their plans, strategies and ideas. It is easy to do what I call “dream and dabble”. This is where you are very emotionally invested in a dream, but you may lack the confidence or skill you need to actually achieve it. So you dabble at it, but you never get outside your comfort zone.

If you have a dream you need to invest your time, focus and money in achieving it. You need to let the people in your life know that you have made a commitment to it and intend to follow through and that you need their support. Then make a personal commitment to زيادة متابعين تيك توك yourself to follow through on every task that will bring in new, ideal clients or will help to generate income, no matter how difficult it is.

Many small business owners, especially start-ups, struggle with this when they realize that they have to get outside their comfort zone in order to make real progress. In my years of experience as a small business coach, these are some of the biggest roadblocks I’ve seen that prevent follow through. Most of them are caused by fear.

* needing to learn a whole new set of skills, like technical skills, marketing skills, or how to run a business in order to make progress
* needing to invest money in your business even though it’s a risk
* needing to work harder or change your routine when you don’t have guaranteed results
* needing to promote yourself confidently when speaking to prospects, when it makes you uncomfortable
* having to close the sale.

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