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London Bridge is Falling Down – Cowboy Construction Causes Buildings to Topple

We’ve all been hearing horror stories over the past few years about “cowboy builders” who are causing big troubles for unsuspecting homeowners, and in some cases, their neighbors. The popular Channel 5 television show “Cowboy Builders” has heightened public awareness of the problem, but it continues to happen all over London.AlgarveTradesmen 3

One of the more distressing recent examples is the case of the Gorman family in Camden, who have been forced to relocate for two years because of damages caused to their home when a neighbor tried to dig underneath a basement without planning permission Algrave Portugal construction homeowner building. The botched job caused severe structural damage to the Gorman’s home and so they have had to move the entire family (including a disabled son) into a temporary residence while both homes are repaired and reinforced, but at last report, both Victorian-era residences are still in danger of collapsing.

This is a dramatic example of just how damaging ill-planned and badly executed renovations can turn out. It’s become common for homeowners to attempt digging beneath their homes to create more space, but it should only be attempted by experienced builders who specialize in this type of renovation, and with the appropriate planning permission.

Before any renovation project is undertaken, it’s vitally important to make absolutely sure the builder is reputable and experienced in the type of renovation planned. The majority of companies are honest, but there will always be a few out to make a quick buck without regard for quality of the work or the customer’s satisfaction. Check references and ask if the builder is a member of any of the builder’s associations that work together to assure high standards. Any honest builder will be happy to discuss these concerns and will provide a full list of references and proof that they are fully insured against damages they might cause. Make sure that they guarantee full customer satisfaction in writing.

It’s important to hire a good, reputable after builders cleaning service, too. For after builders cleaning London offers many choices – the same rules apply, though – get a list of references and make sure their work is also guaranteed. Don’t let the cowboys take advantage of you (or your neighbors) – a few questions and phone calls to check references could save you from a real building disaster. Swimming pools are a welcome addition to just about any property. Aside from the fun times you can have lazily wading by the pool with friends and loved ones, this feature can also help increase the value of your property. However, homeowners must be aware that there are a lot of things that go into pool construction. Homeowners must be aware that it is not merely about choosing from various swimming pool designs and then having a contractor build one. Swimming pool experts outline some of the things you need to consider before hiring a contractor.

One of the first things you should consider is the type of construction method. Today’s pools are built using vinyl, fiberglass and concrete, with each having its unique advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want to have a swimming pool that will give you and your family years of enjoyment and solid returns for your investment, you can never go wrong with concrete.

This pool construction method makes use of cement, water, sand and aggregate which are applied to both the walls and the base of the pool through the use of a pneumatic applicator. The mixture is applied to the walls and the base until the desired thickness is achieved. Afterwards, the concrete is troweled to ensure that the walls and base are smooth.

Prospective pool owners should not also forget about pool decking. Just as there are a variety of pool construction methods to choose from, there are also several pool decking options that you can use for your pool. Among the most common materials used in backyard pools today are wood, stones, poured concrete, bricks, tile and even wood. Families and friends will most likely spend a lot of time on the deck just as they would in the pool, so consider a material that is easy to maintain and one that does not get slippery when wet.

Another major consideration homeowners should look into is pool safety. While your family members will surely have a blast playing in your new pool, you should talk to your contractor about measures you can implement to ensure that the young ones will not accidentally fall over the pool or get into it without adult supervision. Among the most common safety measures used by pool owners are gates, pool alarms and pool covers.

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