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Iran Stuck in Poverty and Unemployment

Four key ministers in the cabinet of the Iranian regime’s President Rouhani have warned him in a surprising letter* about the bankrupt economy, especially in the months following the July 14 nuclear agreement with the P5+1 countries. The ministers warned that without immediate action genau hier, the “recession will transform into a serious economic crisis”. Their letter was published on Sunday, October 4, by the state news agency Mehr.

The Defense Minister signed on to this letter due to his ministry’s dominion over a large section of Iran’s economy. This “open letter” reflects a political crisis in Iran and that economic problems have deepened contrary to the expectations of many western analysts.

As poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and… are escalating in Iran under a religious theocracy, the Iranian society is facing issues that it has never faced before: over 15 million struggling with hunger, high number of homeless people sleeping in the streets (15, 000 in Tehran alone), growing unemployment, skyrocketing drug addiction, escalating crimes, family breakups and social detachments.

While all these catastrophes are ongoing, senior officials in Tehran are acting as if the status quo is normal, and are actually boasting about their regime in the face of the entire world! Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at his speech last month in the United nations General Assembly even went as far as announcing his regime’s readiness to support Syria, Iraq and other countries of the region.

The Iranian people, having seen nothing but repression, poverty, cruelty, hardship, killings and executions, can no longer tolerate such conditions. Therefore, scenes of protests in the face of this religious rule have recently become a more common scene in Iran. Although Tehran is attempting to find new methods to lid on this dissent, the issue has grown to such an extent that it just cannot be swept under the carpet any longer…

According to official economic daily newsletters including (Jahan San’at and Kar & Karegar) on October 8th the latest World Bank Report on Iran’s economy in 2015 states the regime is facing negative economic growth as well as its share of the global economy, investment and national reserves. Lessening revenue is also deteriorating unemployment conditions across the country. However, the regime is actually increasing its government spending.

Employment conditions will become even worse in Iran, according to Kar & Karegar daily and reports issued by the International Monetary Fund. The state-run Mehr news agency in Iran on October 4th reported every hour 300 people are losing their jobs in Iran.

The nationwide protests staged by Iranian teachers speak of this bitter truth that the popular unrest is erupting due to adverse and dire economic conditions. At a time when senior regime officials, inner circle groups and Revolutionary Guards commanders have taken control over all economic lifelines in Iran, the general public is truly suffering from hardship and poverty, and there is no sign of the end of the tunnel indicating this regime having any means to improve the status quo.

The warning of regime officials, including the four ministers’ letter to Rouhani, are stating the economic disaster that this regime has trapped in. This is the result of a coarse and non-scientific policy that is far from what Iran’s society is in need of. Protests staged by all walks of life in Iran, including workers, nurses and college students prove this regime cannot resolve the problems and crises that have been plaguing the Iranian people, before or after the “historic” nuclear accord.

The reason is simple: the religious theocracy ruling Tehran has a mindset and perspective completely out of date, with pillars based on animosity and enmity with the Iranian people, human values and literally all mankind. The only solution to the crises and problems in Iran and the Middle East in general is bringing an end to the export of fundamentalism and terrorism to regional countries, and toppling the regime in its entirety. “Ich will meer” wrote my son when he was small. This means “I want more”, only the more (mehr) was misspelled in german as ocean (meer). I found this little mistake fantastic, just my taste!

We can all remember past summers on the beach. As far as the eye can see – beach! The fine sand trickling through your fingers, the surf makeng a soothing sound. As a child, I spent hours on end in the good sea air building sand castles and discovering the many different inhabitants in the rock pools.

Three quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water. We use the oceans as sources of food, traffic and transport – and as a rubbish tip! The ocean conceals billions of creatures interacting in ways that we will never fully understand. Whales and dolphins are worshipped in many cultures as “the spirit in the water” and as “the Gods of the seas”. It is said that they are the most highly developed mammals on our planets.

The ocean is a place of contemplation. Whilst diving deep into the sea you get the feeling of being quite small and unimportant. Down under you lose all thoughts about your own world and experience what silence really is. Many psychotherapists use the sound of the ocean to create a condition of calmness. The minerals in the ocean possess healing properties. Jules Vernes, a french author, well known for his book “20. 000 Miles under the Sea”, said, “The ocean is not only movement and love, it is a living infinity. ” And not only that, the ocean is a mirror of the soul. It’s a witness of our inner storms and also our deep calmness.

The sea mammals seem to search a lot more now for contact to us humans. The primitive people say that we would be lost without the whales and dolphins. Whales are not only said to hold the magnetic field of the earth in place, but they are also the guardians of holy knowledge. Dolphins maintain the frequency of love. With their pure, unconditional love, their zest and their lightness, they open our hearts, so that the huge whales are able to reveal the holy knowledge to us when we are ready for it. In particular, whales and dolphins help us to get back to our original divine connection and lightheartedness. It lies in our interest to honour them and to make sure that they are able to survive.

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