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How to Encourage Your Child to Eat Vegetables

A lot of kids don’t eat veggies, and that’s actually not good news. Children need to eat plenty of them in order to ensure that they grow strong and healthy.

Feeding kids who don’t eat vegetables can be very challenging to parents, but it’s something that can be achieved. Here are some steps:

1. Consider a variety of colors. It’s a good idea to combine vegetables and fruits that are of different colors. They look attractive or pleasing to the eyes. It makes it easier for your kids to encourage them to eat.

2. Don’t immediately cut off meat. Unless you’re trying to raise vegetarian children, there’s no need to remove meat from the diet, but you must lessen it. A good technique is to slowly reduce the meat portions in a dish until there will be more vegetables than meat to eat.

3. Be active in your kids’ school. Schools all over the country are requested to serve nutritious meals for children in the cafeteria. As a parent, you should see to it that this is being followed.

4. Prepare the kids’ meals. Your children will less likely eat junk food if you can already  먹튀검증커뮤니티 prepare the meals for them. You also have to make sure that your kids don’t have a lot of money with them when they go to school.

5. Give away prizes. A novel way of convincing your kids to eat veggies is to provide rewards. For example, if they eat this much vegetables within the week, they have a corresponding prize. You can also make it a competition, with the person who ate the most bagging the most coveted reward.

6. Encourage your kids to help you prepare the meals. When planning to cook for meals, invite the kids to help you out. They may assist you in selecting the meal of the day, as well as in mixing ingredients in the bowl, pan, or casserole.

7. Be very creative in your presentation. Besides colors, think about geometric shapes and other interesting patterns and style when you do the plating. For instance, baby carrots may be shaped like scarecrows.

8. Use affirmations. Yes, you can use affirmations or subliminal messages to push your kids to eat vegetables. While eating, play some of them in the background. They may contain words like “I am healthy when I eat vegetables” or “I become strong like Superman when I eat plenty of veggies.”

9. Be an example. If you want your children to eat vegetables, then you should munch on them too. That’s why it’s recommended that you take meals together so they can really see you eating the different kinds of vegetables.

10. Create a variety. Don’t stick to the same vegetables all the time. Make them very varied. You don’t want your kids to get tired because of eating the same dishes.

11. Put up models. Children love to play make-believe. You can incorporate that in your meals. You can develop vegetable characters such as Mr. Sweet Potato or Baby Carrot Boy and tell their stories while your kids eat their veggies.


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