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How high is the normal human’s head?

The average height of a human head based on the data and the reports is about 6-7 inches wide with a length of 8-9 inches. The male head is higher than women’s, and there is a 5 inches of difference in length. For males, 176 millimeters while for women 171 millimeters. Size of head varies on the region and race of the person. For instance Yellow people, often called Chinese have smaller heads in comparison to western Europeans. Read more

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How much is the height of a human skull measured in inches?

Female skulls were smaller than men in general, but they had a smaller skull, with an average front-to-back measurement that was 6.7 inches (171 millimeters) and a width that was 5.5 inches (140 millimeters). The skulls of males were on average 6.9 inches (176 millimeters) by 5.7 inches (145 millimeters).

How high is the average human skull?

The average thickness of the skull for males is 6.5 millimeters. The standard for females is 7.1 millimeters. The median front-to-back measurement for men is 176 millimeters for males and 171 mm in women and the median width is 145 millimeters for males and 140 mm for women.

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