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How Different Wood Species Creates Different Finished Products

Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Finish - YouTubeFew materials have the strength, stamina and design appeal as real wood. For thousands of years, master woodworkers have crafted beautiful, functional and elegant pieces of furniture out of solid wood dalmore 1973 30 year old. Even in today’s world of mass production, real wood furniture still has a place and can be found in almost everyone’s homes.

Furniture manufacturers use several different wood species when designing and building their products, depending on the design goal, buyer’s aesthetic and price point. The most common wood species used to build furniture are pine, birch, maple and oak. Each of these wood species has unique properties that make it the ideal wood choice for various types of furniture. Each species has its benefits and limitations when it comes to wood working, something that custom furniture makers spend years understanding.

Pine is a soft wood characterized by grains and knots. Pine trees are some of the most commercially important trees in the world and are often used to make window frames, roofing, floors and paneling, in addition to be the wood of choice for many furniture makers. Solid pine furniture can be easily distressed (a decorative technique used to make an object look older), another reason why pine is a favorite wood of furniture manufacturers. Pine is often used to create a “country style” of wood furniture.

Birch is a hard wood with a light grain and no knots. Birch wood often has sheen to it, making it a popular veneer choice. Birch is also one of the strongest plywoods available. Using plywood construction for the sides of a piece of furniture will ensure structural rigidity and avoid any splitting of the wood. The natural resonance of birch wood also makes it the most sought after wood for manufacturing speaker cabinets and drums.

Oak wood is a hard wood with a deep grain. Oak’s unique grain markings have made it a popular choice since the Middle ages as the wood of choice for the interior paneling of prestigious buildings like cathedrals and palaces. Oak wood is commonly used for furniture making, flooring and timber frame buildings. Oak barrels are also used in the production of red wines, sherry, brandy, Scotch whisky and Bourbon whiskey. The barrels directly impact the color and flavor of their contents.

Each type of wood has its own unique properties and uses, yet all can be used to create great looking furniture. Real wood furniture is durable and, when taken care of, can last for a long time. One of the biggest bonuses to investing in wood furniture is that, even after time has taken its toll, owners can easily refinish their wood furniture and make it look brand new again. In the summer of ’89, I was interviewed at a rodeo in Redding, California, along with an Oklahoma cowboy and a bull named ‘Red Rock. ‘ That would be one of his last interviews; he died at his next rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 30. His name was Lane Frost.

News of the accident in Cheyenne spread fast. I was lined up at a rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming, to ride the “circle 8” which is when all the contestants of a rodeo ride out for the audience before the performances begin. Someone said, “Lane’s down at Cheyenne. ”

By the time we finished the opening routine, we heard that Lane was dead. Lane Frost had been a friend to many in the rodeo world. In fact, his memorial service was held in an Oklahoma church that held 1200 and close to 3500 showed up to say goodbye. His parents chose his final resting place in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Hugo, Oklahoma, right next to where his friend Freckles Brown was laid to rest years earlier.

The movie “8 Seconds” tried to do justice to his life but it didn’t touch how deep the friendship between Lane and Tuff Hedeman was. I was with Tuff soon after Lane’s death at another rodeo in Fort Madison, Iowa. He showed up, ready to ride and do the press tour. Tuff and I were auctioned off at a benefit for some charity. We both had to dance with someone who had bid on us.

On that fateful day in Cheyenne, after much rainfall, Lane mounted a bull called ‘Takin’ Care of Business. ‘ The cowboys had their own name for it. They tagged the animal ‘Bad to the Bone. ‘ Lane rode out and did well, scoring 85 points and earning close to $10, 000 in prize money. After the ride, Lane dismounted. That is when the bull turned around and rammed him. Its horn broke ribs, severed a blood vessel and pierced his heart.

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