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Getting Rich – Hunters Vs Farmers

The human race isn’t that old, not too long ago we were all hunter gatherers. A lot of our old hunter gatherers ways remain with us. There’s an actual theory that ADD (Attention-Deficit-Disorder) comes from the old hunter gathers genes. That when humans made the shift from hunters to farmers, a lot of the traits of ADD that helps the hunters, isn’t useful for the farmers.

This is known as the Hunter/Farmer Theory proposed by Thom Hartmann.

I say looking at the world like we were in the past when things were much simpler has a lot of benefits. Including learning from the past, and taking known understandings and applying it to the present.

One is our evolution from hunter/gatherers to farmers. You can look at farming as a wise man way of riches. The food will always be there, he has a system in place. The farmer just have to be constantly mining his farm.

Barring any natural disasters, he will have food. If he uses the systems and known theories about agriculture, his farm should provide him with plenty.

The hunter on the other hand is always on the chase. He isn’t always sure when the next meal will come in or how big of a catch he’ll have. He’s always on the move, jumping from one trail to the next.

As you see the farmers took over the earth, rarely now a days in modern society do people hunt for food. The same reasons why hunters disappeared and farmers ruled could be applied to modern success principles.

Why some entrepreneurs succeed and become rich, while other people, just as talented try but failed. A lot has to do with the difference in approaches between hunters and farmers.

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