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Botanists To be The first On Mars?

Botany has taken a new twist in the chasing fame category. A famous space botanist has indicated that he believes a botanist will be the first to set foot on Mars  Botany at Dairy Farm. The reason for this is the need to have someone who understands microscopic microbes. This has unsettled the rockologists who felt they would be amongst the first to be chosen.

Plant life and the way in which plants can be cultivated and manipulated has proven to be both intriguing and interesting to many people for several years. Not only do plants have a beauty which we can all appreciate when looking at them, but they also play an extremely useful role as a resource for basic human necessities.

Botanical research is carried out in order to better and enhance the manufacture of such things as medications and foodstuffs and at the same time for preparing other products which are derived from plant extracts, discovering plant life on Mars would be an amazing discovery for the watching world. We do not only use plants to appeal to the eye by way of decorating our homes or improving the look of places such as parks and forests but also for the very functional solving of problems caused by pollution in our modern world as well.

Botany is the scientific study of plants so if this most natural form of beauty appeals to you and you feel you would like to take the subject seriously and you want to go to Mars, then maybe you should consider a career in Botany. Once you have decided that this is the chosen path for your future, you will be absolutely amazed when you find out just how many different species of plant there are in existence.

This will provide you with numerous opportunities in which you can specialize within your field of work and the wide ranging diversity of the subject will make it possible for people from all lifestyles to develop their knowledge of plant science. Whether you are male or female, Botany will provide you with a job full of satisfaction and enjoyment at the same time as allowing you the luxury of your work being of benefit to others. A visit to mars would certainly make you very famous.

Conservationist, ecologist, forester, plant explorer and taxonomist are just some of the many occupations within the field of Botany and work of this kind may involve travel abroad to exotic places in order for you to carry out your duties. A career as a plant physiologist, a plant biochemist, a molecular biologist or even the more complex field of a chemo taxonomist would be ideal for those who are more chemistry minded whilst for people with a background of mathematics, subjects such as biophysics, development botany, genetics, modeling or systems ecology are likely to be of interest. This would certainly qualify you for space travel!

Of course, as with any chosen career, how you conduct and feel about your work lies with you. What you actually get out of the job is determined by what you are willing to put in but in the line of Botany you can be sure that the hard work you will have to commit yourself to will be well rewarded when you have a career you really enjoy and from which you get a growing satisfaction each and every day. Not all Botanist will ever go to Mars but we are sure worldwide travel and a very interesting rewarding career awaits you. Are you confused about which career to pursue? In this article we will try to make your decision easy and much simpler for you. If you have an interest for plants then taking botany major would be a good decision. The job of a botanist will suit your interests and when you learn about the job description, you will understand why. The job description of a botanist widely includes the study of plant species – under laboratory conditions or natural environment.

Botany refers to the study of plant species and a botanist’s job is to study the plants and plant cells for different reasons. They try to find out the medicinal value or nutritional quotient of various plants. Botany is that branch of biology which deals with plants of diverse shapes and sizes. The job description of a botanist involves the study of plant evolution, development, structure, properties, genetics, and much more.

It is interesting to note that there are diverse approaches to this field of biology, as there are more than 500, 000 different species of plants to study. There are several botanists who specialize in the study of certain species. They specialize in like forensic botany or medical botany. This profession is best suited to those who love nature and outdoors. The students, who have a liking for subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and math, have a bright future in this profession.

You need certain educational qualifications to become a professional botanist. First of all, you must have a deep liking for environment and plant life. You will need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in botany to work as a botanist. There are several colleges in the country that offers a bachelor’s degree in biological science. To be eligible for the course, you need a high school diploma or any equivalent general education diploma.

Students who wish to pursue this career in the future can start from school by taking subjects like biology and chemistry. There are some organizations that prefer students having a master’s degree in biological science. Those who go ahead to earn a doctorate degree have better opportunities to get highly paid jobs. The salary of a botanist depends on the posts he holds and his educational qualifications.

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