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Audience Participation – Through A Camera Lens?

Have you ever noticed how some of the best motivational speakers seem to have trouble completing a thought? It’s not that they don’t know what to say, but I’m referring to the way some will leave a sentence hanging in anticipation of the audience completing it: For example, a speaker might say, ” You’ve got to be hungry like a _______” (He pauses and the audience finishes his thought by chiming in, “wolf!”).

Audience participation in a live presentation not only keeps the listeners engaged and feeds the energy level in the room. It has also been proven to greatly improve retention.

Another easy way to encourage audience participation is to ask questions, and ask for a show of hands. Questions not only stimulate mental alertness, but the physical movement of the raising of hands boost’s the group’s energy. Internationally acclaimed speaker, Les Brown asks for a show of hands throughout his presentations, and the feeling in the audience is that you are actively engaging in conversation with Les.

How do you create that feeling of connection when sigma camera lens prices a camera lens seems to distance your audience from you? First, I invite you to realize that speaking to a camera, or appearing on TV can be a much more intimate experience for an audience, for two reasons:

1. They literally are looking at you more closely. Nothing like a close-up in HD to send you back to the makeup table! But seriously, TV is perceived to be a more natural conversational distance to the viewer than a speaker on a platform.

2. Empathy is easier when subtle expressions can be seen. If you are looking into the lens and speaking to your audience with sincerity they can feel as though you are speaking only to them. It can be powerful.

Connection, OK, but “audience participation”? There’s no way to accomplish that with TV or Video viewers, right?


As a host, guest expert, or star of your website video or DVD course you have a “call to action” or something that you want your audience to think about, or do. It may to pick up the phone and donate, to buy your book, or start investing in real estate. The action that you successfully move them to is audience participation! You want to influence them to change something in their life.


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