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A Manswer to Men’s Haircare Problems

Mens’ haircare is a growing segment of a mature beauty business. The term “growing” means there just aren’t as many options out there for us guys as there are for the ladies. Us guys are left with a choice, buy one of the few things made for us, or go for the womens’ stuff. But womens’ products…all those crazy product 頭髮 spa  codenames… cleansing, purifying, reviving… ahhh! So many different ways to say shampoo! I, like most guys, go for the simple. Heck, sometimes I admit, I use bar soap on my hair. A no no, especially for a curly head, but I’m a dude. I want simple. But then simple never works for curly hair.

Kim Etheredge, a haircare company owner said, “The reason I started our company was for this very reason. So many years of searching for products–mixing and matching curly hair products…it was a hassle.” Kim’s company, Mixed Chicks, makes the HIS MIX system. This is one of a few new lines that are not only targeting curly hair, but are putting good stuff out there for men.

After talking to several stylists, friends, and fellow curly-heads, here is my simplified curly head routine:

1. Shampoo, then when my hair is still soaking wet…

2. Work my leave-in conditioner throughout and air dry (no towel or blow).

My Anti-Frizz Tips:

Don’t brush or comb hair when dry.

Sleep on a pillow that doesn’t have polyester.


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